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Taytum & Sarah
in Grandma's Garden
Wheatland, WY

It was an overcast summer morning in Grandma's fairy garden. I met up with Taytum and her mom and her brand new sister for some portraits and boy was I in for a treat! I haven't seen Taytum in quite a few months (time flies!) and she was FULL of ideas and conversation for our photoshoot. I think I've found my new assistant. But first, we played with Sarah to get that sweet smile she sports with perfect ease and joy.

She tried for a quick nap but it didn't last long.

It wasn't hard to fall in love with this sweet girl.

Taytum knows her light. She put herself in the crib next to the window. That was my another clue that she would make a great assistant! 

We discussed whether or not she wanted to get out of her pajamas for the photo shoot. She was more interested in telling me about the fairy in the garden.

So we decided to get her dressed and head out so that she could introduce me to the fairy she has been raving about all morning.

Not only did I meet the beautiful garden fairy, Taytum showed me all the flowers she help Grandma plant.

Moments like this were rare. She would strike a pose mid-conversation and I had to be ready.

The love is strong among these beautiful girls. 

Looking forward to getting Daddy in some portraits with his girls later this year. There is no doubt that his cup runneth over! ♥